Monkey See, Monkey Do

Matt Adams

FOLLOWING IN THE footsteps of certain self-congratulatory Hennepin County Commissioners--who, upon completion of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, attached a plaque bearing their names--the Minneapolis City Council recently accorded its retiring members a similar spot on the local landscape.

Streets in the soon-to-be former wards of Walt Dziedzic, Alice Rainville, Pat Scott, and Dennis Schulstad are being renamed. Henceforth, 18th Avenue Northeast from Johnson Street Northeast to Stinson Boulevard will be called Dziedzic Avenue; 47th Avenue North from Osseo Road to Russell Avenue North, Rainville Avenue; Summit Avenue from Penn Avenue South to Oliver Avenue South, Scott Avenue; and 591/2 Street from 26th Avenue South to 28th Avenue South will be Schulstad Street. No word whether property values in the affected areas will plummet.

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