Monday morning papers

Will Work for $urvival: governments, libraries, universities scraping for money 

In the Strib: Your tax cuts at work, continued: Counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin consider door-to-door collection programs for unpaid fees; backers of separate racino and metro-area casino proposals weigh teaming up on their dead-in-the-water plans; more about the U of M's plan to retool itself as an "elite" institution. Plus, from Sunday, the paper's annual roundup of Minnesota's 100 biggest companies.

In the Pi-Press: Mental health resources in short supply on Indian reservations.

Other dailies: New York Public Library will sell off part of its historic art collection to raise money for books (NYT); Pentagon floats troop-reduction plan for Iraq (NYT); Bush's approval ratings the worst for any second-term prez at this juncture since WWII (WashPost); the pay phone as endangered species (CSM).

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