Mondale praises Obama, Mondale is Biden's VP model


Out with the old, in with the older. Prepare for a Mondale-style vice president, says VP-elect Joe Biden. And definitely forget about VP Dick Cheney's way of ruling.

Biden will model his vice presidency after former Vice President Walter Mondale, says Bloomberg. Less domination, more cooperation.

According to Bloomberg:

It is former Vice President Walter Mondale, not Cheney, who is the likely model for Biden. Mondale, who served under President Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, was consulted on almost every appointment and had access to the same documents as the president.

Mondale, 80, met with Biden in August during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where the two men discussed the vice presidency, Mondale said in an interview. Biden has also read a memo that described the role of the vice president in the Carter White House, Mondale said.

``I was invited to every meeting the president had,'' Mondale said. ``I read all the same materials he did, all the top-secret stuff.''

During his tenure, Mondale said he served as an extension of the presidency, traveling to China and the Middle East on diplomatic missions and advising Carter on international and domestic issues.

Mondale added his praise for Barack Obama's win during an interview Wednesday. According to the Associated Press:

Mondale told WDAY Radio of Fargo Wednesday that Obama's election represents a "profound historic change and shift in America."

Mondale was a U.S. senator during the civil rights era and says he never thought he would live to see an African-American elected president.

As Mondale put it: "We elected a truly gifted person who happened to be black."