Mom goes into labor during flood, dad Googles it

Mom goes into labor during flood, dad Googles it

We live our lives by a simple motto: Don't know the answer? Google it.

Ever wonder if Komodo dragons dig up the dead? How about the address of Mary Tyler Moore's house? Or maybe you just need to show someone "Kittens inspired by kittens".

We have to admit we've never truly looked for step-by-step instructions for delivering a baby.

Well this dad-to-be knew exactly what to do when his wife went into labor and help couldn't arrive fast enough because they were stuck in the Red River floods. Apparently his Googling paid off and the parents now have a healthy baby, DIY style.

Jordan Peck of Hendrum, Minn. was on his own when his wife Natalie went into labor Sunday. The Red River continued to rise and their basement was flooding. They were expecting a midwife, but she couldn't arrive fast enough.

The dad's money quote from KSTP:

"I think its something guys can relate to if all else fails follow the instructions and this was one of those times I was going to follow the directions to a T," laughed new father Jordan Peck.

Check out the happy family here:

Well we couldn't help ourselves. We turned to Google and found all sorts of details on delivering babies in emergencies. It's pretty fascinating. WikiHow has a pretty detailed instructional guide in case you ever need it or you are just addicted to learning gross new things. Beware: There is an image of the placenta that slides out after the baby. A little disturbing.

And if you're really interested, you can actually watch tons of actual births on YouTube. That just takes a whole other level of curiosity. And we can't make any guarantees that watching naked women give birth is considered SFW just because it's natural and beautiful. You'll still probably get fired for watching an infants head emerge from a vagina.

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