MOA Starbucks protesters: Will they be detained again?


The Starbucks Workers Union is planning a protest on Black Friday to support union baristas in their fight for fair wages and more transparency in the company's bean purchases.

Here are the details:
Rally: 10am, Lake and Hiawatha, take Light Rail and Carpool to the Mall of America
Picket: 11am November 28, Mall of America North Side Parking Lot

But will all of the protesters make it to the MOA? Not if it ends like the last time they tried to enter the ginormous complex by rail.

Last time the union tried to enter the MOA in August, the group was trying to escort Erik Forman back to work after the company fired him as he was trying to unionize the shop. When police got word of the group on the light rail, they were greeted by police at the end of the line, detained on the train and then sent back out to the next station. The train had many regular riders who were not allowed to exit the train.

Check out the story and video in our last post.

Will this happen again? Perhaps the group should be smarter about their protest and exit the train before the MOA or carpool instead. Thoughts?