MOA cops get 12 more episodes on TLC, criminals get another chance at cable TV fame


If you've ever dreamed of getting your mug on TV doing something completely ridiculous with no concern for your criminal history or future employment, it's time to pack up your bag of surprises and head to the Mall of America. After a successful pilot of the "Mall Cops: Mall of America" on TLC last month, our mall cops will get 12 more episodes to show off their sweet skills. And if you're lucky, your embarrassing crime could get you 10 seconds of fame.

Although outrageous and annoying criminals are great TV ratings boosts (how else did Cops survive, people?) MOA says they have a lot of control of what gets on the show and they want to show off their preparedness for major attacks through self-defense techniques, medical training, a canine unit, and a bike patrol. Oh, and their super fast ability to call in real cops with guns when things get serious.

Taping for the new episodes starts Monday and will continue through Jan. 10. Episodes will start running this spring.

We're just hoping the MOA cops use their lunch breaks to get wild on the Sponge Bob Square Pants roller coaster. It's a great way to relieve the stress from a tough day of arresting shoplifters.