MNsure director Todd-Malmlov resigns amid vacation controversy

April Todd-Malmlov
April Todd-Malmlov

:::: UPDATE :::: Pat Kessler eviscerates MNsure, says officials lied to him

Last Thursday, news broke that MNsure Executive Director April Todd-Malmlov took a two-week trip to Costa Rica late last month while the state health care exchange website she oversees struggled with a number of problems.

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During a news conference the next day, Governor Mark Dayton said that while he was "incredulous" over the state health care site's glitches, he didn't think Todd-Malmlov's trip was anything too get too worked up over. The controversy was reignited yesterday, however, by the revelation Todd-Malmlov vacationed with the state's Medicaid director, Jim Golden.

That's certainly not the type of PR MNsure wants, but you probably wouldn't think it's bad enough to cost anyone their job. Nonetheless, KSTP's Tom Hauser is reporting this evening that Todd-Malmlov is set to resign:

(Update -- Todd-Malmlov's resignation has since been confirmed. Her replacement as MNsure executive director is Scott Leitz.)

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