MnSpeak creator Rex Sorgatz's sex life profiled in NY Observer

Rex Sorgatz had already left town before I got here, so I've never met him, but I've occasionally seen his comments on MnSpeak, the website he created before moving on to shinier things.

As of late, he has been cutting a swath through New York's glitterati, and this New York Observer profile, with a heavy focus on his bed-hopping, is his coronation of sorts as a genuine member of the club.

If the 14 months that Rex Sorgatz has spent learning to paddle in the intoxicating punch bowl that is Manhattan's new new-media society were boiled down to a Twitter message, it might read: "Dotcom wonder boy attempts NYC media coup, scores twentysomething Tumblr girls and a blog written from the perspective of his scarf."

For those who don't want to read the whole thing, Gawker offers a pithy summation (Gawker, by the way, has been obsessed with Sorgatz for months.)

Among the traits that have made Sorgatz such an interesting study for the media elite is that he is totally open about his sex life through Twitter and blogs. It's like a DIY reality show.

Take this scene, described by Gawker:

Sorgatz certainly did his best to whip up some drama for Morgan. His Gossip Girl parties, which found their way into Morgan's lede, have been near-desolate on recent occasion. But the Monday shindig bulked up significantly after Sorgatz added this nugget to the invitation:

This time, it's not just an invite, but also a request....

Spencer Morgan of the New York Observer will also be here, because he is profiling me in his "Men of Manhattan" column. (I know, right?) So in addition to coming over and drinking my beer, you have to pretend you really like me.

Having secured something of a crowd, Sorgatz then provocatively mingled his recent ex Sklar with a new squeeze, "Kristen" from the Web show he produces, "I'm Just Sayin'." In fact, the two women ended up sitting next to one another.

Sklar is on the far right in the second-to-last row of people; we're told that is Kristen next to her. The body language is not subtle. (And, yes, that's our very own expressive Richard Blakeley sitting on the couch.)

As if this wasn't enough, Sklar also had to contend with the presence of McCarthy, who as Sklar's relationship with Sorgatz was ending appeared in more and more pictures with scarf-loving Sorgatz on their respective Tumblr and Flickr streams. The two also made prominent appearances together in blogging circles, at "blogger bar" The Magician on the Lower East Side and elsewhere. Rumors that McCarthy had replaced Sklar swirled among friends and put a strain on their relationship.

Sorgatz's Gossip Girl watching party sounds like an episode of Gossip Girl. And it appears that Rex is totally self-aware about that:

"Half of me thinks its fascinating to live life online," said Mr Sorgatz. "And the other half wants to scream at the triviality of it all, like a good Midwestern person would do: 'Why would we care about you people?!'"