MNGOP's Ill-Fated, $150,000 "Give It Back!" Campaign Is Officially Dead

Turns out Republicans couldn't resist spending the surplus

Turns out Republicans couldn't resist spending the surplus

State GOP Chair Keith Downey spent $150,000 trying to rally the troops around his "Give it Back!" campaign, urging politicians to send the state's entire $2 billion surplus back to taxpayers in the form of rebate checks.

"Democrat politicians overcharged Minnesota taxpayers by nearly $2 billion," says Downey, starring in his own expensive commercial despite not being able to pay vendors from the last election. "Democrats can keep it, spend it or send our fair share back. The Republican Party of Minnesota says send it back. Send it all back."

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Yesterday Republican leaders unveiled their proposed budget, and guess what? The proposed rebate checks were nowhere to be found.

We tried to reach out to Downey yesterday to ask him about the failed ad campaign, but he didn't return our emails.

He told us two weeks ago the campaign caused a flood a new donations, making it a success regardless of whether or not checks ever got sent out.

"Actually the degree of support that we've gotten from donors from the campaign has added to our ability to reduce the debt," he said.

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