MNGOP's Dan Severson on election results: "I'm not a Minnesotan for long"

Severson: If you can't beat 'em, leave.
Severson: If you can't beat 'em, leave.

In the wake of last Tuesday's DFL-on-MNGOP beatdown, responses from various Minnesota Republicans have spanned the gamut -- from soul-searching introspection to denial to anger and everything in between.

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But in an election analysis published by Forum Communications over the weekend, Sauk Rapids resident Dan Severson -- a four-term former MNGOP Representative, 2010 Secretary of State candidate, and 2012 U.S. Senate hopeful -- ups the ante. He says that if his party can't beat the "immoral" Dems, then he sees no other option but to leave the state altogether.

From Forum's "Minnesota lawmakers see power flip again after election":

Dan Severson stood in disbelief watching election returns.

The former Republican state representative and two-time statewide candidate watched election night as Fox News called the presidential race for President Obama, and his mood got worse from there as an unexpected Democratic wave formed.

He did not understand.

"It's immoral," he said at the Minnesota Republican Party post-election gathering in a Bloomington hotel. "I'm in a state of disbelief. If that's what Minnesota wants to do, I'm not a Minnesotan for long."

Sounds like Severson, who was "partying" with his fellow MNGOPers at the Bloomington Hilton when he uttered his "I'm not a Minnesotan for long" remark, could've used some quality time with one Republican we spoke with at the Hilton's bar. While waiting for Michele Bachmann to give a speech she never gave, the man told us: "I'm just waiting for Michele to get down here so I can get back to my hotel room and figure out how to get some antidepressants." It was that sort of election cycle for Minnesota Republicans.

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