MNGOPers blocked some senators from attending marriage equality bill signing [VIDEOS]

Some marriage equality-supporting senators couldn't be there to take in this scene.
Some marriage equality-supporting senators couldn't be there to take in this scene.
Andy Mannix

Yesterday, Sen. Scott Dibble, D-Minneapolis and chief sponsor of the gay marriage bill signed into law by Governor Dayton on Tuesday, criticized his Republican colleagues for using an esoteric procedural rule to prevent some of his colleagues from attending the bill-signing ceremony.

:::: UPDATE :::: MNGOP Sen. Pratt: Gay marriage ceremony had nothing to do with move to lock Senate doors

At the time Tuesday's bill-signing ceremony began, the Senate was in the midst of what turned out to be a 17-hour debate about a bill to "allow union organizing votes by in-home child care workers who receive government subsidies, and by in-home attendants who care for the elderly and disabled." The Senate could've temporarily adjourned to let everyone who wanted to attend be there for the historic signing ceremony, but instead, Prior Lake MNGOP Sen. Eric Pratt and other Republicans invoked an obscure rule requiring Senate doors to be locked while debate was ongoing.

Here's video from the Senate floor of that rule being invoked by a group of MNGOPers:

Talk about passive aggressive!

During remarks on the Senate floor the following day, Dibble said MNGOPers' tactics "diminished what was really a remarkable occasion."

"I just wanted to express ... an extreme sense of disappointment at what happened yesterday," he added.

Here's the video:

Dibble and Majority Leader Tom Bakk were among a group of Democrats who were in attendance during the bill-signing ceremony, though others who were on the floor at the time Pratt invoked the rule were blocked from leaving. A majority vote could've overruled the MNGOPers' move.

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