MNGOP uses bomb prop to decry Obamacare at State Fair [PHOTO]

MNGOP uses bomb prop to decry Obamacare at State Fair [PHOTO]

In light of recent events, some would argue using bomb props to score political points is a tad bit inappropriate.

-- Star Tribune places pressure cooker ad below story about Boston bombs [IMAGE]
-- Republicans sound the trumpet as Obamacare contributes to St. Jude's Minnesota layoffs

But if the MNGOP's State Fair booth is any indication, the Minnesota Republican Party disagrees. Either that or they're comfortable throwing appropriateness to the wind.

Yesterday, Star Tribune political reporter Jennifer Brooks tweeted this picture:

Let's hope right-wing crazies don't take that thing too literally, eh?

We've reached out to the MNGOP in hopes of chatting with a party representative about the thought process behind the prop, but haven't heard back yet as this is published.

Considerations of appropriateness aside, some pointed out that using a fake detonator to try to blow up President Obama's signature piece of legislation probably wouldn't be any less effective than other tactics the GOP has used:

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