MNGOP tells St. Cloud State Repubs to cancel Bradlee Dean's appearance tonight, or else

The MNGOP wants to keep itself far, far away from Bradlee Dean.

The MNGOP wants to keep itself far, far away from Bradlee Dean.

MNGOP leadership has issued a stern ultimatum to St. Cloud State College Republicans -- cancel Bradlee Dean's on-campus speaking engagement and concert, scheduled for tonight, or you'll have trouble finding Republican jobs in the future.

While working for the MNGOP doesn't exactly sound like a sun-drenched picnic these days, it still seems this should be an easy choice -- after all, who in their right mind wants to listen to Dean talk about how the homosexual lifestyle 'literally kills' gays or speculate about how Trayvon Martin was "gang bangin'" the night he was shot dead?

SCSU Republicans, that's who. The Strib reports organizers have no plans to cancel tonight's event, despite the fact that failing to do so means they might not have the chance to become Minnesota's next Michael Brodkorb.

[jump] The ultimatum has come from the very top of the MNGOP -- party chair Pat Shortridge.

Said Shortridge: "Sometimes young people need to have better judgement in who they invite to things under the Republican banner. If you are going to do dumb things, and not take the advice of the state college Republicans and the state chairman of the Republican party, it might have some consequences."

"When you've been given good advice from the top of the food chain, sometimes, you've just got to listen," he added.

Shortridge cited Google when asked why he's so opposed to Dean's St. Cloud appearance.

Shortridge cited Google when asked why he's so opposed to Dean's St. Cloud appearance.

According to the Strib, MNGOP executive director Ben Zierke told leaders of the SCSU Republicans that they would have trouble getting MNGOP or Capitol jobs if they did not cancel the event. The chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans has also threatened to disassociate the St. Cloud group from the statewide organization if Dean is allowed to appear.

Poor Abbey Gooch! The leader of the SCSU Republicans has only been chair since last week, and now she has to handle this mess. She told the Strib the MNGOP threats have been scary and have made her feel like throwing up. She's doubting whether she'll stick with politics as a career, but nonetheless plans to forge ahead with what is sure to be the worst public speech offered up in Minnesota tonight.

"I have been praying and praying and praying and just saying, 'Lord I don't know what to do any more,'" Gooch said, adding: "I am sticking with my guns and going through with it."

Why, Abbey why? Because Dean's gay-hating ministry has been "so nice to us," she said.

Here's some advice, Abbey. Next time, instead of offering up prayer after prayer after prayer, take a breath and just think about things for a moment. Now, wouldn't you prefer to spend this evening watching the new episode of Glee instead of listening to Bradlee Dean spout off about how much he hates Barack Obama?

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