MNGOP stands by Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald in ultra-bizarre email

Think this shot of MacDonald's convention speech is strange? Keep reading!

Think this shot of MacDonald's convention speech is strange? Keep reading!

The Michelle MacDonald story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

MacDonald, a Twin Cities family law attorney, recently won the MNGOP's endorsement for a Minnesota Supreme Court seat even though she faces a criminal trial this fall stemming from an April 5, 2013 DUI arrest.

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That's pretty weird, but here's one better -- in a campaign email distributed by the MacDonald Law Firm yesterday, members of the MNGOP's Judicial Election Committee write that they've been invited by their endorsed Supreme Court candidate to attend her DUI trial in September.

An endorsed Supreme Court candidate inviting members of her party to her upcoming criminal trial? That has to be a first.

Though some claim MacDonald wouldn't have received the endorsement had delegates been better informed about her legal woes, the email indicates the Election Committee stands by her.

Citing another bizarre 2013 incident involving MacDonald where she was arrested on suspicion of contempt for allegedly taking a photo of a deputy in court (who knew that was a criminal offense?), "handcuffed and later put into solitary confinement in the Dakota county [sic] jail for over 24 hours without being booked or charged after being forced into Judge David Knutson's courtroom in handcuffs and a wheelchair," the committee members write, "Our committee concluded that Michelle's abuse at the hands of the Dakota county [sic] judicial system makes her a 'poster child,' a symbol for Minnesotans who have been abused by law enforcement, prosecutors, Judges and other officers of the court. We voted by an overwhelming majority to recommend her nomination."

To that, we can only ask -- how out of touch is this segment of the MNGOP? My goodness.

Members of the Election Committee also throw the Star Tribune and reporter Abby Simons under the bus for breaking the story of MacDonald's DUI charge, writing:
Please tell everyone you know to vote for Michelle and not to believe what they read in the Star Tribune. Abby Simons' article was nothing more than a hit piece. The Star Tribune's policy is to denigrate all Republicans, conservatives and endorsed judicial candidates, whenever they get the chance. Abby did her best to misrepresent the facts by spin and omission, and to smear Michelle and the Republican Party because she had to please her bosses.
The second part of the email summarizes what the Election Committee heard about MacDonald's legal controversies while vetting her over the course of two interviews spanning two to three hours.

After she was arrested on suspicion of contempt, deputies put her in a wheelchair, "fitted her with a belt to wear around her waist, and fastened her handcuffs to the belt, restricting her to the wheelchair," according to what MacDonald told the committee.

"The ordeal continued as deputies returned and wheeled her to the adjacent all-men's prison, where at least three male deputies got into the elevator with her and many, many more handled her throughout the rest of the day and throughout the night and the next day," the account continues. "One deputy told her that she was not being interrogated, so they did not have to read her rights. That was the same deputy that said he 'had an idea' and took her mattress, pillow, and toilet paper, after she had used it to wrap her feet, body and head when she was cold, when she was returned to her cell after being removed in the middle of the night, and who lifted her with another deputy to take pictures, and when she pleaded to 'please don't take my picture like this,' they said she looked 'beautiful.'"

With regard to the traffic stop that led to her DUI charge, MacDonald says she's innocent, and Dakota County officials are simply out to get her.

Whether any of that is true or not, it's certainly hard to wrap your mind around MNGOP officials somehow thinking all that drama somehow makes MacDonald an attractive candidate for the state Supreme Court, isn't it?

To read the entire email for yourself, click to page two.


Michelle MacDonald Campaign E-mail, July 16, 2014 by Michael Brodkorb

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