MNGOP Slams Al Franken on Ebola, But a Bigger Question Remains...

Just when we thought political mailers had hit rock bottom, we find the above image floating around the internet.

It comes from the Republican Party of Minnesota, which is trying hard to make the Ebola virus a top issue for this year's Senate race against incumbent Dem Al Franken. GOP candidate Mike McFadden has argued that a ban on travel between West African countries, where the virus has already killed thousands, and the United States is the best way to contain it.

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On the other side of the mailer, Republicans insinuate that a vote for Franken puts the state in danger:

What Franken has actually said is that he has "nothing against" a ban, but believes that implementing one is "insufficient" because, as public health experts suggest, most people get to the U.S. from West Africa through other countries. Instead, he's called for tougher screenings at MSP Airport and federal resources to boost the readiness of health care providers.

As for the suggestion that Franken is disinterested while the world goes to shit? The senator walked out of the Ebola hearing early to give a speech on the floor about student loan reform. Nevertheless, the Star Tribune reports, the GOP has bolstered the Ebola mailers with 30,000 phone calls since Saturday and a radio ad.

Thankfully, a Photoshop-wielding jester is asking the real question:
-- Crypt Dweller (@chris_steller) October 29, 2014
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