MNGOP senators pen fear-mongering anti-pot letter, write that ganja "rips families apart"

Ingebrigtsen (left) and Rosen regard efforts to legalize weed as "a direct attack at our way of life in Minnesota."
Ingebrigtsen (left) and Rosen regard efforts to legalize weed as "a direct attack at our way of life in Minnesota."

An anti-medical marijuana letter co-written by MNGOP Sens. Julie Rosen and Bill Ingebrigtsen reminds us of some of the crazy stuff you would've read about pot nearly a century ago.

The letter, which is addressed to Rosen and Ingebrigtsen's Senate colleagues, describes marijuana as a "devastatingly addictive drug" that "rips families apart, devastates relationships and destroys communities."

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The senators add that they "both have seen" marijuana "firsthand." Therefore, they're experts, or something?

Here's the entire letter, which was first published on Sally Jo Sorensen's Bluestem Prairie blog:

Ingebrigtsen Rosen Dangerously Addictive Letter by Sally Jo Sorensen

It reminds us of this...

.... the only difference being Ingebrigtsen and Rosen aren't joking.

John Trombley, the assistant director of the Senate Information Office, tells us formal letters like the one written by Rosen and Ingebrigtsen are distributed to senators in a variety of ways. They might be handed out on the Senate floor, put in senators' Capitol mailboxes, or delivered to their offices, depending on what the letter writer prefers and whether the legislature is in session.

Asked how often senators receive letters from their colleagues like the one written by Rosen and Ingebrigtsen, Trombley says, "It's not a daily occurrence but they do happen... it's not unusual."

You know what is unusual? A community being destroyed by "the dangerous recreational Marijuana." In fact, a recent study suggests medical marijuana correlates with a reduction in violent crime.

But then again, Rosen and Ingebrigtsen have actually seen marijuana with their own eyes, so who needs academic studies?

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