MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields: "Nothing offensive" about Chisago GOP's slavery post

Fields (right) doesn't think the Chisago County GOP has anything to apologize for.
Fields (right) doesn't think the Chisago County GOP has anything to apologize for.

Hours after someone published a post on the Chisago County GOP's Facebook page last week that said, "Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one," GOP officials in the exurban county apologized and characterized the post as being "in obviously poor taste."

Not so fast, MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields says.

Here's what Fields, a 2012 congressional candidate who raised eyebrows last month when he compared Obamacare to Jim Crow laws, told the Star Tribune about the Chisago County fiasco:

Minnesota Republican Party secretary Chris Fields said in an interview that he found "absolutely nothing offensive about that (Facebook) post."

Fields said that as an African American man he finds slavery reprehensible but saw the post as a reminder that the Republican Party started as an abolitionist party, at a time when Democrats supported slavery.

Although he said the posting would have benefited from further explanation, he added: "I'm not going to condemn that posting."

Given that at least one recent post on the Chisago County MNGOP page confuses "it's" and "its," we suspect Chris is being a little too charitable in his assumptions how much American history Republican officials up there are familiar with.

h/t -- Bluestem Prairie

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