MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields defends Catholic Church, foresees racial uprising

Martin (left) and Fields.

Martin (left) and Fields.

Last night, DFL Chair Ken Martin and one of our old favorites, MNGOP Secretary Chris Fields, got into a scorched earth-style Twitter war.

It all started with this seemingly innocuous tweet from Martin (we can only imagine the subtle shot he takes at the Catholic Church is in reference to stories like this and this):
-- Ken Martin (@kenmartin73) November 7, 2013

But Fields, who last week said he found "nothing offensive" about a Chisago County GOP Facebook post that at best made light of slavery and at worst was itself racist, didn't let Martin's shot at the church slide: And then... well, the tweets tell the tale: Fields then alluded to some sort of racial uprising he sees on the American horizon: So that's where that feud stands for now. This morning, MNGOP Secretary Keith Downey attempted to jump into the fray, but as this is published nobody has yet taken him up on the offer: We'll keep you posted!

h/t -- Rachel Stassen-Berger

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