MNGOP Rep. Keith Downey lists dead guys as supporters in newspaper ad [IMAGE]

Downey's approval rating is high among dead people.

Downey's approval rating is high among dead people.

Rep. Keith Downey, R-Edina, is giving up his House seat in hopes of filling the Edina-area Senate vacancy created when Brodkorb-sullied Sen. Geoff Michel decided not to run again.

Downey is in the closing stretch of a tough race against his Democrat opponent, Target attorney Melisa Franzen, but here's one thing working to his advantage -- he's the only candidate who claims zombies as his supporters.


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Or at least, that's what we're left to assume following revelations that Downey counts two dead guys among the "friends and neighbors" supporting him.

[jump] This week, Downey's campaign ran an ad in the Edina Sun Current. The ad, somewhat pointlessly, includes a lengthy list of private citizens who support him, including Daniel Manion (deceased June 2012 -- obituary here) and Herbert French (decrease July 2011 -- obituary here.)

Here's the ad:

In a press release, Carrie Lucking, executive director of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, provides one of the better zingers we've heard this election cycle.

"Downey is taking the spirit of Halloween and the meaning of the living dead to new heights," she said.

"Listing deceased individuals on a supporter list is blatantly disrespectful to the individuals' families," Lucking continued, adding that "Downey should publicly apologize in the Edina Sun Current immediately."