MNGOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen on being gay: "It's an unhealthy, sexual addiction" [VIDEO]

Don't expect to see Gruenhagen at the Pride Festival anytime soon.

Don't expect to see Gruenhagen at the Pride Festival anytime soon.

In response to the introduction of marriage equality bills in the House and Senate yesterday, Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, took the opportunity to point out his belief that being gay is a form of mental illness.

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Gruenhagen also said he doesn't think people are born homosexual. Rather, he regards it as an "unhealthy" lifestyle choice that can be cured through ex-gay therapy.

[jump] From the Star Tribune:

"It's an unhealthy, sexual addiction," state Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen said Wednesday.

The Glencoe Republican said he has a friend who ran a sexual addiction clinic. "He helped many homosexuals and other people come out of the lifestyle."...

"When we talk about gay marriage, we are not talking about an immutable characteristic, like the color of your skin." Gruenhagen said. Referencing a decade-old genome study, he added: "There is no gay gene. The concept that there is a gay gene is an unscientific lie."

Sounds like Marcus Bachmann might be lobbying Gruenhagen pretty hard, doesn't it?

Another MNGOP legislator -- clergyman Rep. Dan Hall, R-Burnsville -- said he "will go to jail before I will ever perform a marriage to a homosexual."

Thankfully for Hall, the bill introduced by openly gay Sen. Scott Dibble and openly gay Rep. Karen Clark won't force Hall to marry abominable homosexuals like them. Politics in Minnesota details the legislation:

The language in the bill is simple. It crosses out phrases "man and a woman" and "only between persons of the opposite sex" that were first put in law in 1997, and inserts the words "two persons" and "spouse." The bill also includes religious freedom language, as requested by Petersen, to allow religious organizations to refuse to perform a same-sex marriage if they choose. "Each religious organization, association or society has exclusive control over its own theological doctrine, policy, teachers and beliefs regarding who may marry within a faith," the bill reads.
If the bill is approved by the Legislature and signed into law, Minnesota would join nearly a dozen other states in allowing gay marriages this August. In other words, if you're sympathetic to the viewpoints expressed by Gruenhagen and Hall, stock up on bottled water and nonperishable foods in July, because if Dibble and Clark have the votes to get marriage equality to Governor Dayton's desk, God's wrath is coming!

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The Uptake has video of Gruenhagen making his "gay gene" remarks: