MNGOP Rep.-elect Cindy Pugh is worried about "An illiterate, disengaged and lazy electorate"

Cindy Pugh on the ass kicking the MNGOP received earlier this month: It's voters' fault.
Cindy Pugh on the ass kicking the MNGOP received earlier this month: It's voters' fault.

Minnesota had the highest voter turnout in the country this year. Yet MNGOP Rep.-elect Cindy Pugh thinks one of the biggest "threats we face" is "an illiterate, disengaged and lazy" electorate.

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We suspect Pugh's thought process goes something like this: If you vote for the DFL, then you must be an ignoramus who doesn't give a rip. In fact, she probably thinks nobody would vote for Democrats if it wasn't for the liberal media, and she cites "The media" as another threat Minnesotans must deal with.

Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen dredged up the minutes from the November 19 SW Metro Tea Party meeting. Pugh, a co-founder of the group, gave a talk during the "Where Do We Go From Here?" program, and here's how the minutes summarize what she had to say:

. . .Cindy Pugh has optimism despite the election. Cindy listed the threats we face: (1) An illiterate, disengaged and lazy electorate. (2) The physical size and scope of our government. (3) The media. (4) The progressive movement - on both sides of the aisle. (5) The infiltration of the Muslim brotherhood.

Cindy encouraged us to bounce right back, be proud of 2010, to wake up as many people as possible. What we can do: (1) Set sights on 2014 with confidence. (2) Focus locally. The campaign starts now. Promote freedom and liberty. (3) Arm ourselves with knowledge ... definition of terms, the treaties in which the Senate may vote away our sovereignty, Agenda 21. (4) Look into the other side's narrative - what their talking points are. (5) Look into the Social Studies Standards at Education Liberty Watch and how our history is being rewritten in textbooks. (6) Pay attention to what the coalition of 57 Muslim nations is doing to promote law through the UN.

After Pugh outflanked incumbent MNGOP Rep. Steve Smith from the right during a primary, she went on to defeat DFL candidate Denise Bader earlier this month in a redrawn House district spanning parts of Carver and Hennepin counties. You might remember Pugh's name from this summer, when she made headlines for comparing the attire of Muslim women to garbage bags.

Between her concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and Agenda 21, we're glad to see Pugh is keeping the biggest issues facing her suburban Twin Cities constituents front and center as she prepares for her first term as a legislator.

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