MNGOP moving to one of Minneapolis's crunchiest neighborhoods

The MNGOP's headquarters is set to move to this building.
The MNGOP's headquarters is set to move to this building.

About 18 months after the MNGOP was nearly evicted from the office space it was renting in the Capitol Office Building, the financially challenged party is preparing to move... to the crunchy streets of Seward?

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Indeed. An MNGOP press release reveals that the party's new home as of January 2014 will be 2200 E. Franklin Ave.

"We are moving out from 'inside the political beltway' in St. Paul to be closer to the people," Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey says in the release. "It is a visible and tangible sign that the Republican Party will be focused on regular Minnesotans and immersed in their circumstances."

Downey goes on to suggest the new location could help Minnesota Republicans win votes in one of the most liberal areas of the Twin Cities.

"This is a great move for us on many levels, including the chance to connect with our new neighbors and show that we are on their side and our ideas work for them," he says.

We have our doubts about that, but it certainly sounds better than simply acknowledging that Seward is cheaper than the Capitol area while still being in proximity to just about every major Twin Cities highway.

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