MNGOP kicks endorsed candidate Michelle MacDonald out of party's State Fair booth [UPDATES]

MNGOP kicks endorsed candidate Michelle MacDonald out of party's State Fair booth [UPDATES]
Michelle MacDonald

:::: UPDATE :::: MNGOP begging Michelle MacDonald to repudiate her endorsement, but she won't do it

The MNGOP is experiencing a severe case of buyer's remorse when it comes to their controversial state Supreme Court candidate, Michelle MacDonald.

Michael Brodkorb reports MacDonald was informed yesterday by party chair Keith Downey that she's not welcome at the MNGOP's State Fair booth. The decision stemmed from a vote of the Republican Party of Minnesota's State Executive Committee.

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But here's the kicker -- MacDonald showed up this morning anyway, and private security was there to promptly kick her ass off the premises.

She later left on her own accord.

This morning, we talked with Ron Rosenbaum, a local attorney and media personality who has been a close observer of the MacDonald train wreck, to get his thoughts on the MNGOP banishing a candidate who is still listed on their website as one of the party's "2014 Candidates."

"Either this pending criminal case is relevant, in which case she shouldn't have been endorsed in the first place, or it's irrelevant, in which case they ought to let her campaign," Rosenbaum says. "I've never heard of a situation in which an endorsed candidate continues to be endorsed but is not permitted to campaign with the party. It's almost unimaginable, the hypocrisy."

As Rosenbaum points out, MacDonald's legal issues were actually cited by party officials as something that makes her more electable, not less. So what changed?

"It's like being a little pregnant -- they're trying to play it both ways, and I think they're going to be burned on both ends," he says.

But don't put your popcorn away yet:

Stay tuned, because you can't make this stuff up!

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Here's video of MacDonald calling for MNGOP Chairman Keith Downey to resign shortly before leaving her party's State Fair booth the first time around:

As promised, she tried to return about an hour later, but the MNGOP's security squad wouldn't let her in:

MacDonald, however, returned the favor by refusing to move herself:

Here's the latest:

But then, just when you were awaiting a big climax, complete with handcuffs, this happened:

MNGOP Chairman Downey, meanwhile, understandably wants nothing more to do with this debacle:

But wait! Don't turn the channel just yet:

Will the MNGOP's Supreme Court candidate get arrested after all? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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