MNGOP deputy chair Chris Fields criticized for tasteless tweets about Robin Williams's death

:::: UPDATES :::: Fields has deleted most of his offensive tweets, but we've got the screengrabs. Click to page three of this post to see them. We've also included reaction from the gubernatorial candidate Fields was attempting to support, Jeff Johnson, and an apology from Fields himself at the bottom of page two.

About six weeks after the last known photo of Robin Williams was snapped at the Dairy Queen in Lindstrom during his visit to the nearby Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center, the world-famous comedian reportedly took his own life yesterday in California at the age of 63.

Williams's spokesperson told CNN he'd been battling severe depression lately.

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As you'd imagine given how beloved Williams is throughout the world, news of his death elicited many tweets expressing sadness, while others expressed appreciation for Williams's comedic and dramatic genius. One of the latter type came from DFL digital media director Ellen Anderson.
-- Ellen C. Anderson (@ellencanderson) August 11, 2014 You wouldn't think that tweet could possibly spark controversy, but MNGOP Deputy Chairman Chris Fields -- a man known for regularly trolling liberals on Twitter -- somehow saw an opportunity to score political points for his party's endorsed gubernatorial candidate on the eve of today's primary election: That tweet quickly elicited criticism from both sides of the aisle, including this one from a former MNGOP communications staffer: And these from Rep. Carly Melin (D-Hibbing): But Fields, instead of deleting his offending tweet and/or apologizing, doubled down.

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Even after his initial tweet was widely decried, Fields stayed on the offensive: As is typically the case when someone gets flack for saying something dumb on social media, Fields's attempt to dig himself out of his hole only made it deeper, even among conservatives who you'd think might help one of the Minnesota Republican Party's leaders dig out: On Tuesday afternoon, the MNGOP-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Fields was attempting to support with his initial tweet, Jeff Johnson, offered up this condemnation: Also this afternoon, Fields himself issued an apology after deleting most of his offensive tweets. Here is is:

Click to page three to see screengrabs of Fields's since-deleted tweets.


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