MnDOT tweets, wears out Twin Cities with every accident report


Don't drive on 94! Or 35W! Or 494! Accidents everywhere, lanes closed, misery ahead!

Maybe you are a traffic nut, but we're worn out just reading the last couple hours of tweets from the Minnesota Department of Transportation's new Twitter feed. Now you can get up-to-date information about all traffic in the metro area in tweet form.

We're pretty convinced we can't get home now after reading those tweets. Where are the roads clear and where can we be guaranteed to be safe? This is stressing us out. And then MnDOT tweets a new accident warning as we're driving home and as we reach for our phone to check to ensure our drive home is clear, we cause an accident of our own.

This is marvelous!

OK, OK. We're overreacting. Maybe you'll find this helpful. Check out their Twitter feed here.

And apparently MnDOT doesn't want us checking tweets while we drive. Good to know.

From the Star Tribune:

Todd Kramascz, director of communications for MnDOT's metro district, knows that some members of the public are concerned about drivers checking text messages on the road. "We want people to get armed with information before they head out," he said.
Have a happy (and safe) commute home!