MnDaily student paper publishes one helluva correction


Perhaps you have heard of Regret the Error, a website that catalogs corrections published in daily newspapers. Some of these are mini-stories unto themselves.

Well, after breaking the story of the serial lying City Council candidate, The Minnesota Daily, the student newspaper of the University of Minnesota, offers up a doozy of a correction on a previous puff piece.

Editor's note: Some of the claims made by Charles Carlson included in this article were later found to be untrue. Several months after this story was printed, Carlson admitted he had lied about officiating tennis in the Beijing Olympics, and had also lied about growing up in England and having a personal connection to the Clintons. Hillary Clinton never shared her crème brulee torte with him. Carlson grew up in the United States--not in England. Carlson claims he was a communications director for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, but The Minnesota Daily has been unable to independently verify this. See a Daily article about Carlson on March 2 for details about these inaccuracies.

It's the oldest rule in journalism: If a flamboyant student running for City Council tells you he ate crème brulee torte with Hillary Clinton, check it out.