MN Zoo's Bottlenose Dolphin Has Bottlenose Bun In Oven

It looks like Semo, the rather forward male dolphin at the Minnesota Zoo, finally closed the deal with a dolphin half his age after a few months of courtship. The zoo's younger female bottlenose dolphin Allie is pregnant. According to a zoo press release, the staff became suspicious when Allie and the male adult, Semo, started engaging in courtship behavior, and they confirmed her pregnancy recently. Allie, 21, is expected to give birth in spring of 2009, and which time she and Semo will form something of a Brady Bunch Dolphin family comprised of Semo's daughter by another mother, Allie, and the couple's child. Cute. In other, possibly related news, Allie's mother, April, 41, is being monitored after displaying abnormal behavior lately. The zoo is also canceling all dolphin shows due to the pregnancy, however, the dolphins will still be on display to visitors. Watch video from earlier this year of Allie, Semo, and April below, and check out this blotter CP writer Beth Walton wrote in March about Semo's lust for ladies.

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