MN United spent $2 million on gay marriage lobby

MN United mobilized one of the largest grassroots campaigns in state history.
MN United mobilized one of the largest grassroots campaigns in state history.
Photo: Tony Nelson.

The group behind the push to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota spent more than $2 million on its Capitol lobbying efforts, according to figures obtained by the Associated Press.

The official deadline to report spending isn't until next month, but Minnesotans United for All Families is sure to be among the top spenders of the legislative session.

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The group launched in 2011, originally to lead the campaign against a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the state. Led by Richard Carlbom, Minnesotans United raised nearly $11 million by election day 2012, and mobilized one of largest grassroots campaigns in the state's history.

After defeating the amendment, Minnesotans United turned its efforts on lobbying to legalize same-sex marriage. According to the AP, roughly a quarter of the group's funds went to TV ads. They also hired 14 lobbyists to push the issue this legislative session; the group opposing gay marriage only had three.

Earlier this month, the House voted 75-59 in favor of the marriage bill. The Senate passed its version of the bill days later with a 37-30 vote.

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the bill into law on the Capitol steps on May 14 in front of a crowd of thousands.

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