MN United raising funds for pro-gay marriage legislators

MN United has pledged to help support 15 legislators who voted for the same-sex marriage bill.
MN United has pledged to help support 15 legislators who voted for the same-sex marriage bill.

The organization that lobbied to legalize same-sex marriage in the Legislature is vowing to help raise money for 15 lawmakers who voted in favor of the bill.

The Minnesotans United PAC announced plans to support 15 legislators -- dubbed the "Minnesota 15" -- on Thursday. The group only released the first five names this week, and all are DFLers so far.

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Minnesotans United began as a campaign to defeat the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. After voters defeated the ballot measure last November, the group successfully lobbied to legalize gay marriage at the Capitol. They announced plans to transform into a PAC shortly after Gov. Dayton signed the bill into law, the idea being they will help protect the lawmakers who could face backlash for supporting the bill come election time.

"Minnesotans United recognizes that casting a yes vote in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry was a decision that many legislators struggled with," said Richard Carlbom, the group's campaign manager, in a statement released at the time. "But their leadership and choice to stand on the side of families and freedom in Minnesota should be commended."

Here are the five announced so far:

1. Rep. Joe Radinovich, D-Crosby. 2. Rep. Shannon Savick, D-Wells 3. Rep. Tim Faust, D-Hinckley 4. Rep. Roger Erickson, D-Baudette 5. Rep. John Persell., D-Bemidji

As MN United points out, Radinovich and Savick barely won last election. Being from rural districts, they could be especially vulnerable.

Persell is responsible for the most compelling floor speech of any House member, and we'll use any excuse to bring back that video. In case you missed it:

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