MN United creates fundraising PAC to support lawmakers who voted for gay marriage

Governor Mark Dayton signs marriage equality into law on Tuesday.
Governor Mark Dayton signs marriage equality into law on Tuesday.

Minnesotans United is the lobbying group responsible for all those "Vote No" bumper stickers and yard signs in the fall.

After the amendment was defeated, the campaign transformed into "Vote Yes," and MN United became the force behind the blue-and-orange "Support the Freedom to Marry"shirts that crowded the Capitol as first the House, then the Senate voted to pass a marriage equality bill that Governor Mark Dayton signed into law late Tuesday afternoon.

Now the group is setting its sights on a third goal: Making sure that the legislators who stuck their necks out for the bill don't get booted out of office.

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On Wednesday morning, the group announced that it had formed the MN United PAC, a political action committee that will work to re-elect those lawmakers from either party who voted in favor of marriage equality. Between the House and the Senate, 107 DFLers and five Republicans supported the bill.

"Minnesotans United recognizes that casting a yes vote in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry was a decision that many legislators struggled with," said Richard Carlbom, the group's campaign manager, in a statement. "But their leadership and choice to stand on the side of families and freedom in Minnesota should be commended."

The new PAC will devote itself to fundraising and building grassroots support for legislators' upcoming campaigns.

The law passed 75 to 59 in the House and 37 to 30 in the Senate. Among the risky "yes" votes was first-term DFLer Rep. Joe Radinovich, whose Aitkin-area constituents have started a petition to recall him in response to his support for the bill.

"These legislators cast an important historic vote," the release announcing the MN United PAC concludes. "Now it's our turn to show our appreciation and tell them that we've got their back."

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