MN State Fair set record number of visitors on last two days

MN State Fair set record number of visitors on last two days
Joanna Fox

Minnesotans came out to the fair in record numbers on Sunday and Monday, although it wasn't enough to make up for an overall decline in attendance compared to past years.


Brienna Schuette, the fair spokeswoman, attributed the decline to heat and humidity. Seven of 12 days, she noted, were marked by extreme temps. The first Tuesday has a low turnout historically, but this one was lower than usual -- only 94,076 people showed up as the thermometer climbed.

The fair reported on its website that 1,731,162 people came through the gates in 2013 -- as opposed to 1,788,512 in 2012 -- and more than 400,000 of those visitors combined showed up on Sunday and Monday as temperatures cooled.

In all, Schuette said, this was the seventh best attended fair in its history.

Sales records from the 48 food vendors are still being compiled.

Later this fall, fair organizers are expected to announce plans for the renovation of the Heritage Square area and addition of a transit hub to the west end of the fairgrounds, both of which are meant to relieve traffic.

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