MN Marriage amendment: Majority support one man-one woman definition, says new survey

A majority of Minnesotans don't approve, according to a new survey.
A majority of Minnesotans don't approve, according to a new survey.

-- Minnesotans United for All Families raised $3.1 million this year, MN for Marriage $588,000
-- Support growing for gay marriage in Minnesota, new polling suggests
-- MN for Marriage previously endorsed Leviticus 'death to gays' passage it now says is "garbage"

Polling in May and fundraising numbers in June suggested supporters of marriage equality had the wind at their backs. But a new SurveyUSA/KSTP survey indicates Minnesota may not become the first state to reject a constitutional amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman after all.

The poll, released Friday, found that 52 percent of Minnesotans favor defining marriage as between one man and one woman. That's a substantially higher percentage than the 37 percent of Minnesotans who told SurveyUSA they're against the amendment. Eleven percent are either undecided or not voting on the issue.

The survey results were published just two days after the mid-June-to-mid-July fundraising numbers were released. Those numbers show amendment opponents continue to dominate the money battle -- Minnesotans United for All Families, the main group fighting the amendment, raised $750,000, compared to a puny $32,000 for Minnesota for Marriage, the main pro-amendment group, during the same timeframe.

But if the new SurveyUSA poll is accurate, then Minnesotans United for All Families' money huge advantage may not be enough to swing the vote. After all, even if the entire 11 percent of undecided/not voting Minnesotans decided to vote against the amendment, that would only amount to 48 percent of voters, compared to the 52 percent who have apparently already decided they don't like the idea of same-sex couples tying the knot.

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