MN Majority's Dan McGrath: "We have strong evidence that there are indicators of fraud"

Let's just say McGrath's argument isn't exactly ironclad.
Let's just say McGrath's argument isn't exactly ironclad.

Last month, Minnesota Majority's Dan McGrath took lots of heat for blaming the not-really-that-close defeat of the voter ID amendment on voter fraud, despite not presenting any evidence fraud actually occurred.

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But McGrath is undeterred. In a WCCO report published last Friday, he offers up what one Minnesota political observer charitably calls a "weasely phrase" while again blaming the demise of voter ID on fraudulent activity of some mysterious sort.

From WCCO (emphasis mine):

"We have strong evidence that there are indicators of fraud," said Dan McGrath, a spokesman for a conservative election watchdog group Minnesota Majority.

He says his group is reviewing same day registration forms for possible fraud, and seeking election records from precincts in at least four counties.

"We had reports on Election Day...vouching fraud in progress, we had eyewitnesses saying we saw people vouching for each other -- people they didn't believe lived in the precinct -- and they're getting away with it," McGrath said.

Think McGrath could be bothered to cite one specific example of fraud anywhere in the report? Nah. He's content with just throwing out vague, unsubstantiated allegations.

In the 'CCO report, McGrath's allegations were politely but firmly dismissed by Sen. Katie Sieben, D-Cottage Grove. Sieben, the incoming head of the Senate Election Committee, said, "Actually, we have a very good election system with elected officials who are committed to carrying out elections in as fair a way as we possibly can."

Sieben said "There doesn't appear to be any sort of problems" related to voter fraud, and added that long lines at the polls will be the first problem her committee deals with during the 2013 session.

McGrath's allegations aside, Sieben's plan sounds like a good one to us. After all, we wouldn't want Rep. Phyllis Kahn to call for more executions of government officials next election cycle.

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