MN for Marriage on General Mills' pro-GLBT stance: "Marriage doesn't matter to them"

Minnesota for Marriage has gotten in the habit of blasting companies that publicly disagree with this statement.
Minnesota for Marriage has gotten in the habit of blasting companies that publicly disagree with this statement.

Yesterday, in a blog post, Ken Charles, General Mills' VP of Global Diversity and Inclusion, came out strongly against Minnesota's proposed gay marriage ban.

Not only would the bill make Minnesota "less inclusive," it would reduce General Mills' ability to "attract and retain talent," Charles wrote.

Just an hour later, the state's leading anti-gay marriage organization, Minnesota for Marriage, blasted Minnesota's eighth-largest company for publicly denouncing the effort to prohibit gays from tying the knot.

Here's part of Minnesota for Marriage's statement:

"It is very disappointing that General Mills has decided to play PC politics by pandering to a small but powerful interest group that is bent on redefining marriage, the core institution of society," said John Helmberger, chairman of Minnesota for Marriage. "Marriage is more than a commitment between two people who love each other. It was created by God for the care and well-being of the next generation. The amendment is about preserving marriage and making sure that voters always remain in control over the definition of marriage in our state, and not activist judges or politicians."

The CEO of General Mills, Ken Powell, announced the company's position at a gay pride event today. It was echoed by Ken Charles, the company's vice president of diversity, in a blog posting.

"By taking this position, General Mills is saying to Minnesotans and people all around the globe that marriage doesn't matter to them," said Helmberger. "Marriage is in the interest of children, because it is society's best way to help children experience the ideal environment where they are raised by their mother and father. It's ironic and regrettable that a corporation that makes billions marketing cereal to parents of children would take the position that marriage should be redefined."

The statement comes two weeks after Minnesota for Marriage blasted Target for its pro-gay "Wear It With Pride" collection, calling it a "stupid move."

We'll see come November, but recent polling suggests Minnesota for Marriage stands a better chance than ever of looking pretty stupid itself come Election Day. With a majority of survey respondents saying they think same-sex couples should be able to marry, at this point supporting gay marriage may simply be good business.

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