MN for Marriage decries event where crossdresser said 'Senjem' "sounds like a venereal disease" [UPDATE]

Parrish wants Minnesotans United to give back whatever money they raised at the event... which is $0.
Parrish wants Minnesotans United to give back whatever money they raised at the event... which is $0.

Yesterday, Minnesota for Marriage's Andy Parrish spent the better part of his afternoon promising to drop a "bombshell" on Minnesotans for All Families.

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It took a day, but we now know what he was talking about -- video of a recent Rochester event where a crossdresser said Republican Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem's name "sounds like a venereal disease" and urged attendees to help "make [Republican State Senator] Carla Nelson go back to her fuckin' kitchen."

In the description of the video, Parrish writes: "Cross-dresser and major donor to Minnesotans United for All Families (Rochester Girls) calling Republicans 'venereal diseases & bitches' @mn4allfamilies had staff at the event who looked like they were having a great time. I hope they denounce this return the money." There is no indication any actual money was raised for political purposes during the event.

Here's a partial transcript of the crossdresser's remarks, followed by the raw footage:

Tim Walz -- anybody? [cheering] Give it up for Tim Walz. He's awesome... He's one of the best people in the entire House of Representatives, 435 people, I'm not kidding. He's an awesome guy. If you get the chance to meet him, which you will... you should meet him, he's a great guy.

Now you also have [Dave] Senjem. He's like the northern Rochester, like, area. He's like, Carly Nelson's bitch, I dunno. But 'Senjem' to me kinda sounds like a venereal disease. [laughter] It probably is in whatever fucking trash-hole country he's actually from. So, let's just make sure he doesn't come back to St. Paul, because we don't need that bullshit, because those are the people that put the marriage amendment on the ballot. So can you say no to Senjem, and no to Carly Nelson and actually elect some people that have our future and a real idea in mind in this county, in this state, and where you live.

There are 350 people here, your elections are decided by less than 500 people, I'm not fucking kidding. So everybody here, grab one other person and make it to the ballot and make them vote now, and make Carly Nelson go back to her fuckin' kitchen, and make the Senjem go back to whatever fucking venereal disease he's got. We can all take back Rochester and make it progressive and make it worthwhile to live here. Give it up for the Democrats in this fucking place, come on!

Kate Brickman, press secretary for Minnesotans United for All Families, told City Pages she wouldn't comment on the record because the footage wasn't taken at a Minnesotans United for All Families event.

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