MMA fighter Brett Rogers again arrested for violating parole

Brett Rogers used to be bad news for the mixed martial arts fighters he was matched up against. These days, Rogers is his own worst enemy.

Rogers was arrested yet again yesterday, turning himself in to Apple Valley Police for a parole violation which had let to a warrant in his name, the Apple Valley Patch site reports. This is the third time he's been in custody since Rogers was originally arrested in late June for domestic assault.

Last month, Rogers pleaded guilty to third-degree assault charges stemming from that incident. But, as he faces a sentencing hearing scheduled for November 30, Rogers' refusal to comply with court orders is only making things worse for himself.

The first of three warrants issued for Rogers was dropped, after it turned out to be the result of scheduling confusion. But the second was legit, and foolish, with Rogers violating a protection order against his wife, Patch reports.

Immediately after his arrest, Rogers was dropped by MMA company Strikeforce dropped his contract. But in September, while his plea deal was in the works, it was announced that he planned to return to the sport, and that he was "confident" all charges would be dropped, Patch reports.

That was likely due in part to his wife's reluctance to testify against Rogers: At the time of the incident, she told police she didn't want to "cause him trouble."

Under the conditions of his plea deal, which saw prosecutors drop more serious charges of strangulation and child endangerment, Rogers faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000.


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