Mix caramel apples with Black Lives Matter and the internet gets pissed

Caramel apples sprinkled with racial insensitivity?

Caramel apples sprinkled with racial insensitivity?

In theory, candy stores and apple orchards should be the least controversial places on earth. Candy is fun! And apple picking is a favorite post-brunch pastime for boring white couples.

Nevertheless, a Jordan-area candy shack and Granny Smith wonderland has found itself at the center of good ol’ internet outcry. Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, a popular roadside attraction jointly run on Jim’s Apple Farm, decided to have a little fun with its sign board. Looking to push some caramel apples with a relevant cultural reference, the mammoth sweets shop turned to Black Lives Matter for inspiration.

“Join the movement. #caramelapplesmatter,” went the polarizing slogan, viewable by anyone cruising that stretch of Highway 169.

The joke flat lined with a lot of people. Others that thought it was kinda funny. An online debate ensued with expected vitriol, occasionally respectful, articulate comments, and some possibly anti-horse rhetoric?

This is the sign outside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store right now?! Don't. Just stop it.

Step 1: take down the slogan trivializing systemic racism.Step 2: apologize unreservedly for your insensitivity. Don't...

Posted by Brooke Simmons on Monday, October 5, 2015

"You wanna slap “#CaramelApplesMatter” on your sign, Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan, MN? Join the movement?...

Posted by Avi Blackmore on Monday, October 5, 2015

Wait, what did you say about that horse's mama?

Fk those loser blm thugs, they can come over to my house anytime they want and protest the fact that I think they are all worthless scum drain on society welfare loser rats.

Posted by Eric Diekmann on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oh, boy...

Please change your sign. It is hurtful to make light of a movement to save lives and improve lives.

Posted by Betty Tisel on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Well, that's oddly calm and direct for the Internet, Betty.

I can't believe you are such pansies and cowards that you took down a sign that was in no way offensive, except to those always seeking an excuse to be offended. I'll skip your store and buy online.

Posted by Jim Bendtsen on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Name calling and boycott threats? That's more like it, Jimbo!

Candy boss Robert Wagner was unable to be reached for comment. But WCCO reports that the sign was removed in less than two days.

Take heed, Twitter comedians and brand managers. It turns out approaching weighty, racially charged topics with levity (especially in the interest of moving sugary treats) is bound to stir the pot.