Mitt Romney glitterbombed twice in Eagan [VIDEO]

Mitt Romney gets a Minnesota welcome.
Mitt Romney gets a Minnesota welcome.

Glitterbombing may have become a nationally recognized form of protest, but the original inventor took back the reigns at a Mitt Romney event this afternoon in Eagan.

Nick Espinosa, who originally glittered Newt Gingrich way back in May of 2011, tossed a few fistfuls as Romney walked toward the stage, bedazzling the former governor's coiffure. Romney laughed it off, but that wasn't the end of it.

"Feel the rainbow!" Espinosa yelled. "The one percent pays for hate, you're not welcome in our state!"

Romney made his way up to the stage, waved at his fans, then turned back to Espinosa.

"There's the guy -- wave your hand over there," Romney said. "This is confetti! We just won Florida!"

After his remarks, Romney went down the line of audience members shaking hands when he once again felt the rainbow. This time it was Occupy Minneapolis participant Sam Richards. Unlike Espinosa, Richards was hustled out pretty aggressively by security.

"I found an opportunity to glitter him so I took it," says Richards. "They were dragging me out by my collar."

Glitterbomb one, by Espinosa:

And the second, by Richards:

Side note, not only has glitterbombing made an appearance on Glee, it has now also won this lady on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire $10,000.

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