Mitt Romney gets into DNC ... on someone's press pass

Floor passes are precious commodities, and in short supply. Not everyone who wants one can get one, even prominent politicos or media members, especially for anticipated events like Hillary Clinton's speech last night.

MPR's Bob Collins has a great catch: the GOP's Mitt Romney gained floor access on a press credential.

Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show whose press credential it is. But Las Vegas casinos are giving 8:5 odds that it was someone from Fox News.

This use of someone else's credential happens, but it isn't supposed to. The person transferring their pass (and the organization) can get in trouble -- even losing access as a result.

If Romney really wanted in that badly, they should have made him wear a parody press pass modeled after Jesse Ventura's old "official jackal" numbers:

Say what you will about Jesse. At least his effort wasn't a painfully unfunny fake press pass like the one the McCain camp issued. Aren't French jokes over yet? Seriously?

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