Mississippi River's male fish growing female parts!


The Mississippi River in Minnesota has a whole lot of feminized fish. According to a study by the U.S. Geological Survey, we have the highest rate of nine rivers studied. Yikes.

You understand what that means? Male fish in our river are growing female sex organs and are now intersex. And in case you didn't realize, you're probably to blame.

This is a shocker: Near Lake City, Minnesota, 73 percent of smallmouth bass had characteristics of both sexes. So now the one-sex fish are kind of the odd ones out.

How do these fish grow lady parts? Chemicals you dump into the environment like pesticides, household products (laundry detergent, shampoo) and pharmaceutical drugs like birth control.

So we do our part to save the world by not reproducing (popping the BC pills, ya'll) and in turn the fish in our rivers have no idea if they are male or female? We're not OK with this.

But Minnesotans aren't the only ones to blame. The Yukon River basin in Alaska was the only river where they couldn't find intersex fish.

Maybe you'll feel just a tiny ounce of guilt next time you are lathering your hair with shampoo. Think of the fish with too many sex organs.