Missing Wis. gorilla head found in Minneapolis

Missing Wis. gorilla head found in Minneapolis

Photo courtesy of the Appleton Post-Crescent 

When an Appleton, Wis. store found their famous mechanical gorilla beheaded outside the store, the owners went on a crusade to get it back. What's a ridiculous waving gorilla (usually dressed for the season) without his creepy head?

The owners posted a video of YouTube (announcing a $1,000 award) in hopes of tracking down the missing head and the tipster told authorities it was located in Minneapolis.

Come on Minneapolis! A gorilla head? OK, that's a pretty awesome souvenir from your late-night (potentially blazed) adventures.

Here is the YouTube video:


When police arrived at the home of the suspected thieves, it wasn't hard to realize they were in the right place, the Associated Press says.

Thieves took the head of the gorilla outside Balloon Magic/Gorilla Grams on Nov. 28, and business owner Elizabeth Ballon soon posted a video on YouTube offering a $1,000 reward for its return. 

According to Appleton police Sgt. Michael Daul, Minneapolis Detective James Jensen went to the residence and had no trouble spotting the gorilla. 

"He said they had it sitting on their kitchen table as a decorative centerpiece." 

The head was returned and reattached, and the gorilla went back on display Thursday afternoon.

A gorilla centerpiece? Apparently the two Minneapolis men, ages 24 and 28, thought so. They are probably considered heroes by their dude-bro friends. Is it really worth it now that you could be charged with theft and damage? Merry Christmas!

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