Missing Minneapolis girl was simply crashing at a different friend's house

Today, the local media sounded the alarm about Symbri Zinkl, a 10-year-old Minneapolis girl who was last seen in the 3500 block of Lyndale Avenue South yesterday and was reported missing by her father this morning.

Breathe a sign of relief, everyone. Little Symbri wasn't abducted -- she was simply staying the night at a friend's house. A friend whose parents must live under the world's biggest rock.

Symbri's father talked to the girl about 8:45 p.m. last night, at which time she said she'd be spending the night at a friend's place. But Symbri didn't end up spending the night where she told her father she'd be. Her phone was apparently turned off, attempts to reach her this morning were unsuccessful, and panic set in.

But minutes ago, police spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer tweeted that "Missing Symbri Zinkl [was] found safe," adding that she "Was at another friend's house overnight." Palmer went on to thank local media for all their coverage.

It's great that Symbri was found safe, though it is kind of sad that any parent would rely on a cell phone to communicate with their 10-year-old. Assuming his daughter was just playing hooky, Symbri's dad should probably revoke her phone privileges and ground her at home for a while.

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