Miss Canada's Hockey Costume Is Eh-mazing

It's like if Cinna grew up in Canada...

It's like if Cinna grew up in Canada...

Note to future Miss Minnesota winners: The bar for the costume competition has been set.

The Miss Universe pageant doesn't air until Sunday, but yesterday the internet blew up when pictures of Miss Canada's outrageous hockey costume hit social media. See also: Backstage at Miss Minnesota [PHOTOS]

There's a working LED scoreboard (ummm 20-14?) flanked by 10 hockey sticks, a goal-shaped skirt, and knee-high mock hockey skates. Really, quite an impressive get-up. Miss Canada's website was down all day yesterday, but CBC had some details on the design:

According to a blog post on Miss Universe Canada's website, the kitschy costume was designed by the "talented Canadian film and television costume designer Alex Kavanagh."

The organization wrote the following of Kavanagh's creation:

"The concept for the costume is to pay respect to the sport of Ice Hockey. It truly is a sport that defines Canada. All across the country, on frozen backyard ponds, community rinks and in state-of-the-art arenas, Canadians are playing this national winter sport. It is one of our most celebrated pastimes! The game is invariably tied to our collective sense of what it means to be Canadian and is perhaps our most identifiable icon. There is no greater force that unifies Canadians than hockey. It brings together communities and it teaches our children the meaning of dedication to sport and teamwork. Most importantly however, it shows the pride we have for our country! Hockey is a part of our national identity and culture!"

Miss Canada is 26-year-old Chanel Beckenlehner, who, as her biography notes, is an elite athlete.

"Having elite athlete training in the equestrian sport of Dressage, one of her goals is to represent Canada at the Summer Olympic Games," it reads.

From all of us in the "State of Hockey," we wish Ms. Beckenlehner all the best on Sunday.

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