Mischke show notes: Sept. 18, 2009

Today on's 'In The Stream' with TD Mischke: 

  • I just think you should see this. I just feel before your day is out you should marvel at this. I don't think it's important work. It isn't even beautiful. But it should be looked at briefly, just to take it in, and to add it to the list of things you've seen in this life.
  •  Second failed suicide attempt, involving a moving train, in the last week. First there was this.  And now this.   
  • I honestly believe this a form of sick torture.
  • Maggie Jackson - She is the author of a book called Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age. Here's what some media folks are saying about it:
"A timely ... look at our technology-addled lives today." 
          --Seattle Post-Intelligencer, an editor's pick

"Distracted concentrates the mind on a real problem of modern life."
          --The Wall Street Journal

"An original treatment of an important subject. [Jackson's] message bears particular relevance to parents and teachers, who hold the power to help shape the attitudes of younger generations."
         - Christian Science Monitor

"Timely and welcome ... Anyone who cares about the future of society should give Distracted some much deserved time and focus."
          --Matt Curtin, founder of Interhack Corp., writing in Ergo

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