Mischke show notes Nov. 19, 2009


Today on's 'In The Stream' with T.D. Mischke: a discussion with David Brauer of The topic: Free and open on-line commentary policies, and their consequences (See below)

"All of you crying racism, SHUT YOUR F---ING MOUTHS. Just shut the f--k up. None of us care, or want to hear it anymore. These little N---ERS need to be lynched. Period. Racism is the only logical answer to a community of blacks that feel they can get away with anything.

And don't bullshit me that "ohh white suburban kids would do the same things." I guess you've never been to a suburban black community. It's not the same, and crime rates ARE higher. Blacks represent less than 15% of the population but commit nearly 50% of the violent and property crime. Call me a racist, it's a moniker I'm proud of."

Tuesday morning, City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman was on Twitter when he noticed people linking to a YouTube video of eight men knocking people off bikes, chasing kids, and punching people. He alerted one of his bloggers, Hart Van Denburg, who whipped off an item about it, with the embedded video.

The perps were black, probably Somali. At 2:34 p.m., the comments started rolling in. By the next morning, MinnPost blogger Max Sparber tweeted that there were 9 comments with the n-word and 25 explicitly racist/anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim ones, amid a rip-roaring debate about CP's sensationalism.

Welcome, folks, to another episode of the Comment Cesspool."

  • Also today: A discussion with Quinton Skinner.
  • He writes today to say, "I'm seeing "Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather" tomorrow: Best line: "Pray, query not about my business, Kay." Combined with seeing "The Departed" on TV last night, seems that gangsterism and Shakespearean tragedy are a perfect fit.
  • Also, let's talk about this: The last Ice Age 13,000 years ago took just six months to arrive in Britain.
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