Mischke show notes: May 13, 2009

  • If there's one headline from today's news that should brighten your day it's this one: "Freaks Survive Because They Are Strange." The article itself is less interesting. But the line is worth throwing up on the wall during your next visit to a public restroom. It's not going to top "When the going gets weird the weird turn pro." But Hunter S. Thompson would still give it the iconoclast seal of approval.
  • Needing perhaps to know, once and for all, if I am a "freak" and thus one who will "survive" I felt compelled to take the "freak test." I have since learned that I am 91% freak. It's not as comforting a notion as I thought it would be. The realization that one is on the outside looking in can be a lonely feeling. Never the less, I now know, and I can move on with my life as sort of a modern day version of the snake-head woman.
  • Read this headline today and inexplicably yawned: "Obama to Push Israelis, Palestinians on Peace." Why didn't any other Presidents think of that?
  • These are our fighting forces in Afghanistan. Call me crazy, but, if we're to win this peculiar little war, I think we're actually going to need more soldiers like the one on the left. Seriously, this war is different from the others. Let's get different with it.
  • Now click on over to photo number 16 at this same site I know this is idealistic, pie in the sky clap trap, but, in my perfect world, we don't kill each other in that particular setting right there. We get a 12 pack, look out over creation, and say, "Ain't this a beautiful god-damned world?"
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