Mischke show notes: March 9, 2009

  • Good news guys! Warren Buffet says the economy is going to recover...get five years! He's kind of giddy about it. As in, "won't be long now." Warren, you're not even going to be alive in five years! Were any of you thinking times might improve sooner than that? I guess I was.
  • More Americans now saying they have no religion. Is this you by any chance? Did you have one and then ditched it? Did you trade an old one for a new one? What's it like having no religion? Would you like to have one but just can't find any anywhere?
  • The welcoming dance of the Uterus. What is it? Guess? I'll talk about it on the show today, but why wait for that. Let's have some educated guesses on what exactly doctors are talking about when they write today of the "welcoming dance of the uterus." Someone put these words to music and let us invent a new dance for the next decade.
  • MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, you know something else is coming next. You know it's right around the corner. What is it? Tell me. Let's not wait for the next new thing. Let's talk about it right now. What will sweep the nation? What will be in every news story soon? I can't wait. I won't wait. I want to talk about it now! What is the next cool hip new thing??!! I'm tired of playing catch-up. I want to be ahead of the curve for once in my freakin' life!
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