Mischke show notes: March 30, 2008

Mischke show notes: March 30, 2008
Photo by Steve Cohen for City Pages

Today on Citypages.com's 'In The Stream' with TD Mischke:

  • When I encountered this face on the cover of my Sunday New York Times magazine, I had two thoughts. If global warming is in fact not a threat, and not man- made, than this could be the face of a kindly old man, an avuncular relative come to help us all out. But if climate change is indeed the great concern of our time, and this is the leader of the "it's all bullshit" movement, than isn't it fascinating to imagine you're staring into the very face of Satan? Doesn't he look like he could indeed be the devil himself? What else would an incarnated Anti-Christ look like? This is him, man!
  • This, from the daily newspapers of London: "The happiest people in Britain are called Judy or Joshua while the most miserable are likely to be Lynn or Ben." A study has confirmed this. So, if you just had twin girls would you help me out? Name one Judy and one Lynn, and let's keep tabs on these rascals for a couple decades. It'll be fun. Five will get you ten Lynn eventually kills Judy. Sure, you'll lose a kid, but you'll help the rest of us with naming decisions.
  • I'm a white guy, dying to show you I know how to dunk a basketball: Okay, well, I can for sure make free throws, I know that.
  • God digs white people..... Headline from the front page of today's St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Fargo Prayers Are Answered." Did some reporter determine this is indeed true? Where'd he or she get confirmation I know with Katrina God told those poor suckers to "buck up and take it."

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