Mischke show notes: March 27, 2009

Mischke show notes: March 27, 2009
Photo by Steve Cohen for City Pages

Today on's 'In The Stream' with TD Mischke:

  • For no other reason than to test how many of you would ever, ever, ever bother to check this out. I'm putting it up 'Seven things you didn't know about Jeff Daniels'. What, are you curious about different people? Whom exactly? Don't knock Jeff Daniels. To me he's innnnnnnteresting. Did you know that when he made Dumb and Dumber he thought he "was making Citizen Kane for 15 year olds?" There are six other things to know about him, people. I dare you to successfully battle the temptation to find out what they are.
  • I don't believe people should be having a Red Bull before jumping off cliffs. I've had a couple of these drinks, and have gone on to do some extreme things that hurt me and others. Red Bull's best use is to help bring people out of a persistent vegetative state.
  • I've gone to Peru and tried this tea. I'm intrigued that it's now being given legal status here in the States. I'm going to try and contact this church today on the show.

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