Mischke show notes: March 17, 2009

  • I realize I'm in Minnesota where snowy scenes bring with them images of a serious chill in the air, and this may not be the case with all vistas. But even given that, doesn't this photo just look all wrong? I mean, forget temperature for a moment and just think about slipping and falling.
  • I happen to know where 'Ol Bobby's farm is outside of Corcoran, on the crow river, and we don't have the stench issues here. Zimmerman runs a clean operation in this neck of the woods. I guess the old saying is true, "You don't shit in your own backyard."
  • In Oklahoma they've just passed a bill that would make embryonic stem cell research illegal in that state. Okay fine, but I don't think they get to hear of the life saving techniques we learn from the research being done outside their borders. We'll fly over periodically and stare down at the quadraplegics and the Parkinsons victims and maybe drop leaflets letting them know there's help outside if they can get across state lines.
  • President Barack Obama will take his economic strategy to Jay Leno's comic couch on Thursday in the first appearance by a sitting U.S. president on a late-night TV talk show. Apparently, with Tim Russert now dead, it's too difficult to find a decent interview opportunity in DC. Leno can handle it, however. The guy's like Edward R. Murrow with a silly streak.
  • Sort of the flip side of the "thou dost protest too much" coin: A Florida man wearing an "I ♥ My Marriage" t-shirt was arrested last night for choking his wife during an argument in their Tampa home.
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